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About Dr Anuradha Deshpande


Post-Graduate Courses

I usually teach the following course every year to post-graduates:

  • CS 681: Artificial Intellegence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning & Deep Learning


This graphic shows the essential problem that all my research efforts try to address. My core interest and expertise is in solving performance modeling and management problems using Queuing Systems and other Stochastic Models. Whenever possible I prefer applying rigourous analytical techniques for analysis and control of performance, rather then empirical techiniques. I like to build tools that facilitate and simplify the process of applying such techniques.

Over the last nearly 20 years, I have worked in overload control of Web servers, Wireless LAN performance models, control theoretic QoS control of Wireless LAN and Web servers, performance modeling and measurement multi-tier data center applications. My current interests are in applying my core skills to performance modeling and management of virtualized systems, clouds, and power managed systems.

PerfCenter and AutoPerf: Tools developed at IIT Bombay

  • PerfCenter is a performance modeling tool that accepts the hardware and software architecture description of a multi-tier application and generates and solves the underlying queueing network, to provide estimates of performance metrics.
  • AutoPerf is a performance measurement tool that generates load on a Web site, and produces measured performance metrics. Its distinguishing features are (a) its ability to generate server resource usage profiles per transaction and (b) its ability to carry out a performance test with minimal input configuration.


Funded research

  • My research has been funded by various industry sponsors such as Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Intel IT, Netapp and Amazon

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Under-Graduate Courses

I have taught the following courses in the past to undergraduates

  • CS 462: Analytical Modeling of Computing Systems (offered every year except 2009-11)
  • CS 213/293: Data Structures and Algorithms – Course and Lab (Fall 2011, 12)
  • CS 347/377: Operating Systems (Fall 2008)
  • CS 348/378: Computer Networks – Course and Lab (Spring 2006)
  • CS 456: Computer Networks (Spring 2003,04,05)

Seminars, R&D Projects, Summer Projects

    Apart from courses, I engage with students in the following ways:

  • Seminars: I offer seminars (literature survey work) in my field of performance, and currently in virtualization and cloud computing
  • R&D Projects: These are one semester six-credit projects that students can register for, instead of a regular course. I often have implementation-oriented R&D projects available for students to work on.
  • Summer Projects: I am sometimes willing to offer summer projects to internal IIT Bombay students under the Institute Summer Project program.

    Courses with advanced technology